Traffic Law

Many people use the road daily, where infractions may lead to serious problems. The possibility of fine proceedings, or a significant fine, points in the central traffic register Flensburg or a driving ban, a traffic accident with unclear or disputed question of guilt, may cause delays in the settlement of claims.
Particularly here, professional support for the affected road users concerned is required, in order to enforce legitimate claims, to ward off unjustified claims and to protect themselves from inappropriate state sanction.

Criminal Law

The criminal law represents the states claim for punitive illegal behavior. In investigations and court proceedings, law enforcement agencies are on opposite sides to the alleged accused perpetrator and his defender. The court has the duty to determine the actual facts and to speak on the basis of these facts, a verdict. In order for a fair trial, provisions in the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code guarantee appropriate proceedings. Already, at the beginning of the investigation representation by legally qualified defense attorney for the accused is usually granted.
A variety of situations are covered, from road traffic offenses (drunk driving or hit-and-run accidents with a potential loss of license), property and personal injury actions, up to accusations of organized crime, especially in the field of drug offenses.

It is a sacred requirement of justice that in all non-trivial cases a proper defense must not be lacking, for the accused to be able to stand up against the legally educated prosecutor.
- Rudolph G. Binding

Commercial Law

Whenever merchants or commercial companies come into contact and enter into legal relations, the norms of commercial law must apply. There are also special private laws between merchants. Because of the increasing globalization of economic relations and the significant deviations from the general civil law, expert assistance is usually required for drafting contracts and settlements of transactions, particularly in the event of general disagreements.

Coporate Law

In addition to consumers and businesses, corporations are also increasingly taking part in daily business transactions. These can be person-based companies such as GbR oHG, but also corporations such as GmbH, S.à r.l., AG or a S.A.. Corporate Law regulates and standardises what is to be considered in the founding, operation and active dissolution / liquidation of the company. The reference to labor and tax law are of particular importance.

Family law

Life is as versatile as relationships among people, especially within the family. Family law regulates the relations within the family unit as well as externally. This concerns first the classic areas of marriage, divorce, marital property issues or balancing support and asset compensation in the event of failure of marriage, to the spouse and child. Importantly, there are also procedural, social and tax legislation, which makes this area of law very complex. Professional advice and representation should not be waived.


Every year in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg many millions of Euros are left and inherited. The inheritance law governs in case of death, the private as well as the financial issues that ensue. As well as legal succession, there are also individual options. During his lifetime a will or inheritance contract can be made which corresponds to the final will of the testator after his death. Family and tax law concerning inheritance presents a difficult and not an everyday situation.

Labor Law

In a modern day and age, the labor law compliance for employers and employees is becoming increasingly important. The individual and collective labor law creates a balance of interests for all parties involved in the work process. For example, the labor contracts, the rights and obligations during the employment relationship (such as holiday, part-time work or work time limitation) and the relevant area of employment protection are regulated. The collective labor law, however, standardises the operational and inter-operational requirements of the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz (company regulation laws), collective bargaining and labor disputes.

General Civil Law

The general civil law, also incorrectly known as citizins law, fundamentally governs private legal disputes. The civil law standard is always used for the enforcement of rights and claims, e.g. when buying a car, renting an apartment, making a claim or the claim for restitution of property.


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